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Underfloor Heating
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Aqua Snap

Underfloor Heating

The AquaSnap PLUS heat pump and chiller has been designed and tested to address the specific needs of
residential and light commercial buildings. Guaranteed to work down to -20°C outdoor temperature, the
AquaSnap will provide warmth and comfort even on the coldest days

Compact, Reliable and Efficient
Carrier engineers incorporated reliable quality components in its compact chassis including one of the most
advanced electronic inverter controls in the industry.
The 30AW boasts impressive energy efficiency and can be easily matched with the wide range of Carrier
terminal fan coil units.

High Efficiency
The AquaSnap PLUS offers an exceptionally high energy efficiency ratio in both heating (COP) and cooling
(EER). This translates into substantial savings for the user. The seasonal efficiency (at part load) is one of the
highest in the industry.
COP > 3.90 EER > 3.60 SEER > 4.30

More Than A Heat Pump
AquaSnap PLUS heat pumps offer the ideal solution for a wide range of application; in a new building, a
refurbishment project or integrated with existing equipment.

Dual-Energy Applications
The AquaSnap PLUS can be integrated with existing heat sources. Simply define the parameters for switching
to an alternative heat source and enjoy continuous operation with increased savings and optimum comfort in
all weather conditions.

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