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Designing your solar system all begins with knowing what to look for.

All solar energy systems are unique, and knowing your own requirements, and then understanding your options are the first steps in any successful solar design process.


Our team are able to work with you to design and plan a system that suits your family, business or property, and to ensure you are maximizing your power production.

On Grid Solar Power system

Some of the key things we keep in mind when designing your solar system are:

How much power do you consume?
We will ask for a copy of your power bill so we can correctly size the solar system for you.


Where will your solar system be placed?
The optimal placement for a solar system is north or northwest facing. This allows your panels maximum sun exposure and creates the ideal amount of power.


Do you have any shade on your roof to consider ie. Big trees, other houses?
This allows us to determine the best inverter for your needs.

How much space do you have on your roof?
If space is limited, you might want to look at larger wattage panels such as the SunPower 400W Panel. Although you pay more per panel, they will also produce more power per panel meaning you use less roof space to create the power you need.


Do you want the ability to store power?
Solar technology is evolving quickly and battery storage is now available for both on-grid and hybrid systems. These batteries are stylish, compact and allow you to use the power you have created during the day once the sun goes down.

On Grid Solar Power system
On Grid Solar Power system

Who will install your solar system?
The installation of your system is a big job and one that needs to be done by a qualified professional. At Hubands Energy we don’t use contractors to install our solar systems, so the work will be installed by one of our highly qualified and experienced teams. In addition to this we offer a 10-year installation warranty – we know our guys do a great job and we stand by their workmanship.


Who will maintain your solar system?
Like the rest of your house, your solar system does need maintenance. This includes cleaning any leaves, pollen or debris off your panels to ensure they are functioning at optimal levels throughout their lifetime. Systems also need to be checked every 3 years by a registered electrician. At Hubands Energy we have a dedicated service team who can keep your system performing at optimum levels, and also perform electrical checks on it when needed. It’s all part of our after sales service.

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