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DuoHeat Hot Water Heat Pump
Categories: Swimming Pool

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd

DuoHeat Hot Water Heat Pump

Enjoy your pool all year round with a heated swimming pool

If you’re looking for a quality heat pump water heater that offers more than one single function, then look no further. Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd has designed and developed the DuoHeat range of multi-purpose heat pump water heaters.

If you love your pool but find that winter stops you from getting the most out of it, then it’s time to talk to us about a heated swimming pool system. Even here in Northland it can get too cold to swim in winter, so it’s good to know that the heating experts at Hubands have a solution. Whether you’re planning a new pool or spa or want to upgrade your existing pool, our range of multipurpose hot water heat pumps can extend your swimming season. Heat your pool as well as your home and enjoy the fun, relaxation, and therapeutic benefits of your pool – all year-round.

DuoHeat dual-purpose heat pump water heaters eliminate the need to invest in two separate heat pumps and can be used across multiple applications including pool heating, underfloor heating and/or domestic hot water.

Swimming Pool + Spa Pool

Swimming Pool + Domestic Hot Water

Swimming Pool + Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating + Domestic Hot Water

WHY CHOOSE A DUOHEAT HEAT PUMP WATER HEATER? - Duoheat heat pump water heaters operate with two heat exchangers keeping the different bodies of water (applications) separate while being able to maintain two different water temperatures e.g. it can maintain a swimming pool at 28°C and heat your domestic hot water to 60°C. With a Duoheat unit, you can eliminate the need for two or three separate heat pump water heaters, reducing the overall
the area the equipment is using and reducing the amount of service and maintenance required. Duoheat heat pump water heaters heat each heat exchanger directly with the refrigerant for maximum efficiency, unlike equipment that uses a water-to-water exchange, reducing the efficiency of the system as it produces water hotter than what is required to produce a lower water temperature.

HOW DOES A HEAT PUMP WATER HEATER WORK? - Powered by electricity, a DuoHeat heat pump extracts the ‘free heat’ from the ambient air which is then efficiently transferred to the water which requires heating.  It works in a similar way to a fridge but in reverse. EECA, the Government’s Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority has listed heat pumps as one of the most energy-efficient forms of heating in New Zealand.

HEAT PUMP WATER HEATER BENEFITS - DuoHeat offers all the standard benefits of Hot Water Heat Pump Ltd Performance Plus products:

• Energy efficient

• Environmentally friendly

• Low running costs

• Environmentally friendly

• Consistent and reliable performance from -10˚C to 45˚C

• Designed and built in New Zealand from local and quality imported parts

• Eliminates the need to invest in two or three separate units

• Provides a greatly reduced overall footprint

• Reduces equipment redundancies

• Lowers capital investment over two separate units


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