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Our Products at Hubands Energy

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Multi Room Systems

The Fujitsu Inverter Multi Room System is the ideal way to have heating or cooling in more than one room, for example a living room and 3 bedrooms.


Multi Room Systems

Large capacity inverter multi split systems offer a variety of features including a variety of indoor units, air quality feature and space saving outdoors.

Mitsubishi Electric

OmniCore Multi Room

While a standard heat pump system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, a multi room system allows you to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. With a multi room heat pump system you have the freedom to choose the ideal unit for each area to keep you comfortable, without cluttering the exterior of your home. Plus, you get the benefit of the superior efficiency and energy savings of Mitsubishi Electric heat pump technology.


VRV IV-S Series

Daikin VRV IV-S systems are the ultimate solution for heating or cooling multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. Each indoor unit can also be individually controlled, scheduled and set to the desired room temperature.

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