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Off-grid systems are a great option for remote locations

Where the cost of connecting to grid is not economically viable or where you want your power needs to be self-sufficient.


An off-grid solar system is very different to an on grid or hybrid system and involves significant investment, design, planning and the best installers. These systems are complex, and take into account many factors such as your power usage habits, whether you are home during the day, and the difference between summer sunshine hours and winter sunshine hours. All our systems are designed specifically for your needs, taking into account all relevant factors.


We are specialists in off-grid systems, with one of NZ’s only certified accredited off-grid installers leading our off-grid team.


  1. Solar PV panels mounted on your roof or near your house capture energy from the sun and convert this energy into DC electricity.

  2. A Solar Inverter converts this DC electricity into 230V AC electricity.

  3. The main switchboard takes electricity from the solar inverter or battery inverter and sends it to power your home.

  4. The battery inverter is a two-way system and can take surplus electricity from the main switchboard and convert into DC electricity to be stored in batteries or if the demand is high convert stored DC electricity from the batteries into AC electricity to power your household appliances.


Off-grid system pricing starts from around $8,999 for a 1kW system and range in price up to $65,000 for a large 9kw system. Pricing is dependent on the amount of power you need to create, the number of batteries you need and many other design factors.


To get an idea of the size system you need, please fill out our off-grid power load sheet, then contact us for your free no obligation quote.


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