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Altherma Hydronic Heat Pumps
Categories: Underfloor Heating


Altherma Hydronic Heat Pumps

Altherma is a highly flexible, energy-efficient home heating system that extracts heat from the outside air, raises this heat to a higher temperature and then distributes warmth around the home through high-quality heating units.  At the heart of the system lies an air to water heat pump.

Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of keeping your home warm. From whole house hydronic heating through to hot water heat pumps to power them, we can design and install a system that works for your home. We can also give you advice on a solar power solution to run your underfloor heating system. As Whangarei’s home heating specialists, we install underfloor heating systems that transform your home environment – just ask us!

Daikin Altherma now offers the option of the domestic hot water tank, which supplies you with your domestic hot water needs all year round. With the inclusion of the domestic hot water tank, Daikin Altherma now offers a total heating solution.  The Altherma air to water heat pump is today’s answer to the current and future concerns with conventional heating systems, such as, rising energy costs and a high environmental impact.

Reasons to choose Altherma

  1. Daikin’s Altherma system utilises free heat from the ambient air to maintain ideal comfort conditions in your home. In addition, the inverter technology inherent in Atherma means your energy savings are even greater.
  2. Even in the coldest weather, the Altherma system is still able to extract heat energy from the ambient air. In the event there is insufficient heat in the outdoor air, Altherma is equipped with a backup heater to cover the shortfall.
  3. Daikin’s Altherma solution provides for easy and flexible installation*. This system is ideal for new homes as the underfloor piping can be installed during the construction phase and for existing homes, the piping can be connected to radiators installed around the house.
  4. Altherma works without the need for oil, flammable gas (LPG, Natural) or other hazardous substances thus reducing the potential risks that these fuels can create.  Furthermore, there is no need for a gas connection or a fuel tank.

Elements of the Altherma System

Daikin Altherma system is available as a Bi-Bloc or a Mono-Bloc solution with the option of connecting to our hot water tank to satisfy your year-round domestic hot water needs.

Altherma Mono-Bloc - All In One Unit
For simplified installation, the Monobloc option is an all in one system removing the need for an indoor hydro box. Heat is directly transferred from the outside air to the underfloor heating circuit, radiators or fan coil units.

Altherma Bi-Bloc Split Unit
The outdoor unit extracts heat from the outside air, raises its temperature and transfers the heat to the indoor hydro box for water circulation in the underfloor heating circuit, radiators or fan coil units. The unit is compact and can be easily installed with no drilling or excavation work required.  The Hydrobox is a wall-mounted indoor unit that transfers heat to the water circulating in the underfloor heating, radiators or fan coil units and also to the domestic hot water tank.

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