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Servicing heatpumps and hot water hear pumps!


Hubands Energy not only sell high quality products, but we also service and maintain heatpumps and hot water heatpumps too!


We recommend heatpumps, hot water heatpumps and solar systems be serviced on a regular basis to:

  • Troubleshoot any potential issues

  • Ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone in your home or business

  • Ensure a long life for your appliance


Hubands Energy will service any heatpump installed into a residential home or business, including fresh air supplies, ceiling cassettes, ducted systems and floor consoles.


What’s included in a heatpump service?

We offer a comprehensive service on all heatpumps including a full maintenance check on both the indoor and outdoor unit. Where some companies only clean the filters of your unit, our service involves a complete 30 point system clean and test including electrical testing and fault finding if necessary.


Having your heat pump professionally cleaned and serviced can improve its efficiency, reduce your energy bills and prolong the life of the unit. It can also help with odours and heat and cool more effectively.


Annual servicing is also required to maintain a valid warranty on most heat pumps


Indoor unit:

  • Remove and clean internal filters and vacuum built up dust      

  • Check coil has no obstructions and spray for bacteria build up

  • Clean outer cover

  • Flush unit condensate drain

  • Check condition of all installed components


Outdoor unit:

  • Spray unit against insects/bugs      

  • Level unit if it has sunk in garden      

  • Check pipe connection for overall condition and oil residue at flare nuts and check for any refrigeration leaks

  • Check isolator switch works and electrical terminals are all tight, electrical components in good condition      

  • Check for obstructions in unit from leaves and debris      

  • Clean unit front and coil at back      

  • Check unit has been sufficiently draining during heating mode

  • Check condition of all installed components

Servicing ventilation systems

We service all brands of ventilation systems including Smartvent, AMS and HRV.


We stock all brands of filter cartridges and our comprehensive service will ensure your system is running efficiently and effectively.



Corrosion treatment – imperative for our Northland lifestyle!

Northland’s coastal environment makes it a beautiful place to live, but it also means corrosion is something we recommend safeguarding against.


Our treatments stop corrosion eating away at metal and prolongs the life of your outdoor unit. Treatments by our specialist team can be carried out either on-site (if you have an existing unit) or prior to your new unit being installed.

Maintaining your solar system


We recommend a maintenance service every 12 months to ensure optimum output of your solar system.

We do not currently offer a service for solar panels, however, we do reccomend getting in contact with Blast Away Guys who would be more than happy to assist.


A typical service includes:

  • Removing any obstructions from panels

  • Removing any dirt, mould, pollen or other debris from the solar panels


We also recommend a full electrical verification every 5 years. This is to check the system is running efficiently at maximum output and to troubleshoot any potential issues. This can be organised by our friendly solar team.



Servicing hot water pumps

Hubands Energy are proud to service Stiebel Eltron, BOSCH, Quantum and Atlantic Hot Water Heatpumps.


Our hot water heatpump service includes:

  • Checking the anode rod

  • Trouble shooting any potential issues

  • Ensuring the unit is running efficiently and correctly


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