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Our Products at Hubands Energy

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Altherma Hydronic Heat Pumps

Altherma is a highly flexible, energy-efficient home heating system that extracts heat from the outside air, raises this heat to a higher temperature and then distributes warmth around the home through high-quality heating units.  At the heart of the system lies an air to water heat pump.

Mitsubishi Electric

Ecodan Packed Hot Water Heating System

Ecodan is a highly energy-efficient hot water heat pump system comprised of an outdoor hot water heat pump and an indoor component – a Hydrobox or a Cylinder Tank. A reliable total home heating solution using radiators and/or underfloor heating in conjunction with hot water supply provides year-round comfort with advanced control.

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd

Performance Plus

PerformancePlus hot water heat pumps are manufactured in New Zealand by Hot Water Heat Pumps Limited. Built to last, PerformancePlus hot water heat pumps are designed to stand the test of time in even the harshest of local environments.

Whole House Hydronic Heating

Underfloor Heating

Central Heating New Zealand offers state of the art warm water central heating - always come home to a warm house with underfloor heating

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