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Ecodan Packed Hot Water Heating System

Mitsubishi Electric

Ecodan Packed Hot Water Heating System

Ecodan is a highly energy-efficient hot water heat pump system comprised of an outdoor hot water heat pump and an indoor component – a Hydrobox or a Cylinder Tank. A reliable total home heating solution using radiators and/or underfloor heating in conjunction with hot water supply provides year-round comfort with advanced control.

Northland’s hot water heat pump specialists

If you’re building a new home, renovating your current home, or are ready to replace your old hot water cylinder, we supply, install and repair hot water heat pumps to homes and businesses all over Whangarei. From space saving, outdoor hot water heat pumps to split-type hot water heat pumps which can reduce your power bill, you’ll find your ideal water heating solution here. We’re Northland’s specialists in heating and can advise you on the system that works best for your lifestyle and budget.

With proven Mitsubishi Electric technology, Ecodan is designed for New Zealand conditions; maintaining high performance during the winter 
months when heating is in high demand.

Whether you need central whole-home heating, hot water or both, Ecodan Hydrobox and Cylinder Systems can provide the perfect solution.  Both the Hydrobox and Cylinder are compatible with the Monobloc and Split Type Ecodan Outdoor Units ranging from 4.5–14 kW of heating and hot water for your home or light commercial application.

Packaged Cylinder System
The 200-litre Cylinder provides improved performance and fast heat-up times through the use of Plate Heat Exchanger Technology and FTC5 Control. The Cylinders are completely pre-plumbed and wired for ease of installation. The Cylinder can provide heating and hot water to your home.

Packaged Hydrobox System
The Hydrobox is primarily used for space heating in the form of underfloor and/or radiators. With a small footprint that is sized similarly to Combi Boilers, the Hydrobox provides a highly adaptable solution for retrofit and new builds. Whether connecting the Monobloc or Split Unit only, 2 pipes are connected to supply the unit just like the Cylinder. For systems where a third party tank is to be installed, a 3-way valve can be added to the system and connected to the FTC5 Controller. 

  • Smart Energy Monitoring to view electricity consumption and heat output on the remote controller. End-users can now easily check the energy data of the Ecodan Heat Pump. 
  • Data Shown on the Remote Controller Consumed electrical energy for space heating, cooling and domestic hot water (kWh).  
  • Delivered energy for space heating, cooling and domestic hot water (kWh)
  • 2-Zone Control allows you to simultaneously control two different temperature zones. Using Ecodan, it is possible to control two different flow temperatures, thereby managing two different heating load requirements. The system can adjust and maintain two flow temperatures when different temperatures are required for different rooms; for example, controlling a flow temperature of 45°C for the bedroom radiators and another flow temperature of 35°C for the living room underfloor heating.
  • Our advanced Auto Adaptation Function measures the room temperature and outdoor temperature, calculating the required heating capacity for the room. The flow temperature is automatically controlled according to the required heating capacity, while optimal room temperature is maintained at all times; ensuring the appropriate heating capacity and preventing energy wastage.

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