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Aero XKR Series High Wall Heat Pump
Categories: Heat Pump, High wall


Aero XKR Series High Wall Heat Pump

Panasonic's premium high wall inverter Heat Pump series, the AERO XKR Series combines slim design and the most cutting-edge air purification now featuring Nanoe™ X Technology

24-Hour Air Purification with Nanoe™ X + Comfort Cloud
Your health starts with you at home from the outside world. nanoe™ X with hydroxyl radicals contained in water helps families to ensure constantly clean and safe indoor environments by inhibiting bacteria, viruses, mould and other pollutants while deodorising for clean and fresh air. Stay connected by downloading the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App* to manage your air conditioners with one device.

Smartify Your Air Conditioner Anytime, Anywhere
Take control of single or multiple air conditioning units wherever you are. Purify your home with the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App on your mobile device on-the-move or use your voice assistant-enabled devices for hands-free help at home.

Nanoe™ X Technology with the Benefits of Hydroxyl Radicals
Known as nature’s detergent, hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals) are natural reactive molecules looking to react with other elements such as hydrogen. This reaction enables hydroxyl radicals to inhibit the growth of pollutants.

Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology brings these benefits to the comfort of your home to purify surfaces, soft furnishings and the indoor environment for a pleasant and comfortable living space.

Embrace Intelligent Living, with Voice Control
Upgrade to an effortless, yet easy control with voice control that connects with your air conditioner for a seamless and integrated experience for the whole family.

Faster Cooling with iAUTO-X¹
iAUTO-X provides strong faster cooling through the use of Panasonic Thermal Enhancement Technology (P-TECh) enabling the compressor to achieve maximum frequency quickly from start-up.
With the new iAUTO-X function, you can reactivate iAUTO-X for faster cooling even after reaching stable temperatures.

Better Living, Together with Eco-Friendly Technologies
Panasonic’s Air Efficiency provides a sustainable living environment with technologies that reduce carbon emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere while saving costs on the use of electricity, providing an eco-friendly solution for you and the environment.

Enjoy intelligent cooling with eco-friendly features such as reduced power usage, adjusted cooling/heating power and efficient energy usage for better savings and energy consumption that’s good for both you and the environment, altogether.

An Environmentally-Friendly Refrigerant
R32 refrigerant is an excellent heat transfer medium which leads to greater energy and cost-effectiveness.
It also has low global warming potential, hence it's friendlier to the environment

Powerful Performance with Efficiency
Panasonic’s Inverter reduces power consumption by varying the speed of the compressor according to the temperature changes with the aim of minimising the temperature fluctuations so you can enjoy consistent cooling/heating comfort.

Intelligently Balances Energy Savings and Comfort
As each room in your home is different, ECO Mode with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Control efficiently cools your room based on the amount of heat load and air conditioning capacity. It finds the perfect ECO balance between power consumption and time taken to reach the desired temperature to maintain your comfort with minimal energy waste.

Fits Perfectly Anywhere
Panasonic air conditioners are designed to be compact in size, minimalist with matt finishing, enabling them to be easily fitted and seamlessly harmonized with any interior. Its uniquely designed structure enhances durability, yet conveniently eases installation and maintenance routines.

Exclusive Hubands Energy Installation Warranty

Hubands Energy are qualified installers for Panasonic. In addition to the 5-year warranty on this range, we also offer a 5-year installation warranty so you can be sure you are getting the right product installed by an expert team with peace of mind for years to come. This covers all workmanship relating to the installation including refrigeration replacement for the entire warranty period which costs between $350-$600.

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