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Central Vac
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Central Vac

Are you serious about cleaning? Talk to us about a central vacuum cleaner system

WallyFlex is an essential, practical, and safe central vacuum tool that can be found in the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, garage, or workshop. It's an innovative auxiliary hose for central vacuums that is always there when you need it.

If you’re done with the inconvenience, mess, and hassle of conventional vacuum cleaners, you can revolutionise the way you clean with a central vacuum system. Built-in cleaning systems are quieter and cause less hassle, while also removing dirt, dust, and other allergens more effectively. We supply, install, and maintain central vacuum cleaner systems to homes all over Whangarei and can assist you with a cleaning solution that meets your needs.

WallyFlex's design makes cleaning extremely easy and installation simple. The hose stretches to 14 feet and standard attachments fit directly on WallyFlex.

Existing Home Installation
Installing Wally Flex is like adding an additional inlet valve to your wall. The same pipe, fittings, low voltage wire, and backing plate are used to create the new valve. Wally Flex comes with everything you need to install it on a simple standard backing plate like our part #517. Put the valve at or around light switch height so Wally Flex is easy to use.

Run pipe from the backing plate and adjoin to any pipe in the existing system using a three way connection. Splice the low voltage wire from Wally Flex into the existing low voltage wire that runs along the pipe. Many times there is a preexisting splice near other three way junctions that you can tie into.

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