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How much could solar save me?

The amount saved will depend on the size of the system you decide to install, but on average each solar panel you install produces approximately $10-$15 of power per month. Power savings will depend on how much of the power you’ve created you then consume.

What happens to the power I produce but don’t use?

If you have battery storage the power is stored for your use once the solar stops operating (at night time). Without battery storage, your unused power will be exported back to the grid and credited to your power bill for around 7c-10c per kw. Timers are also available to help you maximise consumption during daylight hours.

What do your solar packages include?

Our standard on grid packages include solar panels, inverters, monitoring device, and installation. There is also a $90 - $200 cost for the import/export meter which is paid directly to the power company and an inspection fee of $120 - $350 to ensure your system is compliant from the power company. Additional costs may be required for switchboard upgrades or other electrical work

How long will it take to payback my solar system?

The general range is 6-10 years. There are many factors that influence your payback time including which part of Northland you are in and your system’s location, the quality of the product and performance. When we provide your no obligation quote we can give you more detailed information on payback time for your individually designed solar system.

How long will my solar system last for?

Solar PV panels have no moving parts so happily last well in excess of their 25-year warranty. We use Enphase microinverters because of their superior quality, warranty and will often last more than 20 years.

What can I use solar for?

Essentially, anything that is powered by electricity

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