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Frequently asked questions

Do you install heatpumps?

Yes not only do we supply the best solution for you, but our accredited installation team will also install it for you. We also offer an exclusive Hubands Energy installation warranty on all our installations and an outstanding after sales service.

Do heatpumps need to be serviced?

Yes, manufactuers recommend residential heatpumps are serviced annually. Commercial heatpumps require servicing more often. When you purchase from us we automatically put you into our database and contact you when your service is due to ensure it is done on time and your heatpump continues to perform at its best.

Does it cool as well?

Yes absolutely. All heatpumps in the NZ market are reverse cycle, which means they will heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Can you run 2 units off one outdoor unit?

Yes. You can run two or more heatpumps off one outdoor unit, however there are limitations. When we do your free no obligation quote, we can assess whether this option is right for you.

How much do they cost to run?

Heatpumps are the most cost effective heating source available. What makes heatpumps energy efficient is their ratio of power input to heating/cooling output. The rule of thumb is for every 1kW it consumes, it produces 4kW of heating/cooling in return. There are many factors that influence how cost effective heatpumps are to run, including the size of the heatpump and the environment it is in.

Does a single heatpump do the whole house?

A single high wall heatpump or floor console will not effectively heat or cool your whole house. However there are multiple options such as multi split units right through to ducted systems. When we do your free in home consultation we can recommend the option that will best suit your needs.

How quiet are they?

Very quiet. All products from the four brands we stock are extremely quiet and this is one reason our customers are so satisfied with their purchase.


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