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New Builds

Planning, design, installation: smart energy solutions for your new home

When it comes to planning your new home energy solutions, you need to be sure your heating and cooling hardware will match the specifics of your new home; both in aesthetics and outcomes!


Hubands Energy have the experience and knowledge to ensure your new home build includes the best energy solutions for your needs, working within your budget, your design vision, and your heating and cooling requirements.


Best energy solutions for your new build

Our experienced technicians will draft a home energy solution plan to match your new build specifics, taking into account the volume of space to be heated and cooled, the materials being used in your construction, the energy sources you’ll have access to, and many other factors.


We work with you to achieve your dreams

The first thing our technicians will do is listen. We need to know what outcomes you are looking for: whether you have a long-term plan to achieve energy savings, which could involve a higher initial outlay, or whether you wish to achieve an economical solution in both cost and energy efficiency from the outset. We work with you to achieve your vision.


Home energy advice, solutions, practicality

We are happy to assess your new home plans, offering practical advice on which energy solutions will work best for your spaces and needs.

We are also happy to work with you to estimate home energy costs, practicality, and alternative options.


Solar energy solutions for all new builds

We have the knowledge and experience to provide detailed, reliable solar energy advice for new builds. Love the idea of cutting back on your energy bill but not sure it would be practical for your situation?

Come and speak with us first! We will give you honest, practical advice on the benefits and drawbacks of converting to a partial or full solar energy system.

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