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Types of Heatpumps at Hubands Energy


High Wall

Wall mounted units are a great all rounder for achieving comfort. They are cost effective and offer exceptional performance and efficiency. They can be installed in any home or office, look great and offer effective climate control in a localized area.



Floor Console

Floor mounted units look great and perform extremely well. They are a great solution if you prefer the appearance or if there is no appropriate wall space for a high wall unit. They can also be rebated deep into the wall to give a slim and attractive profile.



Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling mounted units connect and mount through the ceiling of the office or home. Because they are centred they offer four directions of airflow meaning a more even temperature within the space. They are a great option for tricky spaces.



Ducted System

Ducted systems, otherwise known as central heating or air-conditioning has exploded in popularity in the last few years for whole home climate control. They are discreet, silent and blend into the aesthetics of the home. They are a fantastic whole home or multi room solution.



Multi-Split Units

Multi-split units simply mean running multiple indoor units off one outdoor unit. These are great for space saving outdoors if you have limited space.



Commercial Systems

We have a large range of commercial heating and cooling solutions for small to medium businesses and offices.


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