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Eco Series 4kWh 48V Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery

PowerPlus Energy

Eco Series 4kWh 48V Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery

When it comes to energy storage the PowerPlus Energy Eco Series battery will power your world.

Our Australian made self managed Eco lithium LFP battery with internal battery management system [BMS], offers you a safe lithium ferro phosphate [LFP] battery technology, for any solution that requires reliability, ease of use and a product that outperforms others.

Our Eco Series battery supplies on and off-grid energy for all scales of applications, due to being infinitely scalable batteries, and so no application is too big or too small.

Offering economy of scale whilst maintaining reliability and durability, the Eco Series allows you confidence that your energy will keep powering on. 

The impressive specifications and performance of our Eco series not only provides reliability and durability, but it is also backed by a 10-year pro-rata warranty when installed and used as set out in our warranty documents and manuals.

So when our Premium Series is out of reach, turn with confidence to the PowerPlus Energy Eco Series.

Australian Designed, Australian Made and Australian Owned batteries.

About Powerplus Energy

PowerPlus Energy is a technology-based company focused on the development of reliable, long-lasting energy storage solutions for commercial and residential applications.  PowerPlus Energy’s market-leading designs allow for simple operation whilst maximising life, providing a long-lasting investment.

With a focus on reliability and longevity, PowerPlus Energy’s design philosophies incorporate the use of appropriate technologies suited to the application with a design flair that pleases the eye. 

PowerPlus Energy’s management team has over 80 years experience in battery storage, renewable energy, UPS, manufacturing and engineering.  Founded in August 2017 and based Melbourne Australia, PowerPlus Energy has strong financial backing enabling innovative solutions that will be appreciated for years to come.  PowerPlus Energy works with partners globally to bring the right solutions to market, manufactured both locally and overseas allowing PowerPlus Energy to service the ever-growing global demand for battery storage. 

PowerPlus Energy is proud of its commitment to Australian manufacturing where currently the production of the 2RU19 LiFe, Eco and Wall Series products are constructed.

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