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There are 3 main types of solar systems:


‘On-grid’ solar power involves solar panels being mounted to the roof or your home, business, school or marae. When sunlight hits the panels, DC power is produced.


This power is then sent to a Solar Inverter with converts the DC electricity to AC power which can be used by your appliances. Any surplus power is then exported to the grid and credited against your electricity bill.

On Grid Solar Power system
On Grid Solar Power system


‘Off-grid’ solar power is ideal for those who do not have access to on-grid power or want to be completely self-sufficient. Solar panels are still mounted to the roof of your building, with the power produced supplied to an inverter/charger which maintains and charges the storage batteries while also converting the energy to AC power which can be used by your appliances.

The stored energy can then be used to power different requirements within the house such as lighting.


A hybrid solar system is essentially an on-grid system, however instead of surplus power being exported back to the grid it is stored in a battery in your home for use when you need it.


This is fast becoming the most popular system type as it gives you the benefit of the grid as back-up on lower solar production days, but allows you greater freedom to use the power you create at times that suit you.

On Grid Solar Power System

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