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Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner
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Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner

Are you serious about cleaning? Talk to us about a central vacuum cleaner system

A very powerful central vacuum cleaner with an outstanding 25-year warranty!

If you’re done with the inconvenience, mess, and hassle of conventional vacuum cleaners, you can revolutionise the way you clean with a central vacuum system. Built-in cleaning systems are quieter and cause less hassle, while also removing dirt, dust, and other allergens more effectively. We supply, install, and maintain central vacuum cleaner systems to homes all over Whangarei and can assist you with a cleaning solution that meets your needs.

Husky has been designing and manufacturing our vacuums in Canada for more than 50 years. This is what gives us the opportunity to offer you guaranteed high quality and high-performance products. Join the hundreds of thousand Husky owners in the world and discover how a Husky ducted vacuum system makes a difference for you and your environment.

BREATHE CLEANER AIR IN YOUR HOME - A cleaner home is the foundation to healthier living. A Husky ducted vacuum will remove dust, allergens and other pollutants away from the living area more efficiently and with less noise than other brands or regular portable vacuums.  

ULTRAQUIET VACUUM UNIT - Peaceful cleaning with the new low noise emission technology thru-flow motors.

CONVENIENT INTELLIGENT MODULE - Practical status indicator with LED and integrated instructions. Soft start/stop functionality for increased motor durability.

MACHINE WASHABLE ANTIBACTERIAL PERMANENT FILTER - New generation of antibacterial treatment that stops the growth of bacteria and prevents the spreading of germs that cause odours on the permanent filter.  The SILPURE treatment is natural, non-toxic and ecological.

LARGE CAPACITY DUST CONTAINER - Extra-large ultra-light brushed aluminium canister. Equipped with ergonomic handles and integrated latches for ease of operation.

CONVERTIBLE HYBRID FILTRATION - Can be used with or without a filtration bag.  When used with a Husky disposable filtration bag, it performs a HEP-type filtration for unparalleled air quality.

POWERFUL & EFFICIENT VACUUMING - Husky ducted vacuums are up to 5 times more powerful than a portable vacuum cleaner.  This means you save energy by cleaning more efficiently in less time!

DURABLE HIGH-END FINISH - Husky vacuums are made of recycled steel and aluminium, two of the most recycled materials in the world, hence a reduced impact on the environment.  This high-end finish will dissipate heat and prevent dust accumulation caused by static.

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