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Altherma by Daikin is a highly flexible, energy efficient home heating system that extracts heat from the outside air, raises this heat to a higher temperature then distributes warmth around the home through high quality heating units

The Daikin Atherma is an air to water system which creates the optimal room temperature for you and your family. The heating system is located in the floor and heats up your home from the floor up, so you'll feel the warth on your feet. This heat then radiates upwards surrounding your whole body in warmth. Underfloor heating is possibly the best solution for new installations.

The main benefits are:

  • Maximum comfort due to radiated heat
  • Maximum efficiency compared to other heat emitters
  • Unobtrusive (ie. no wall space required)
  • Water flow temperatures typically 35C-40C

Hubands Energy are Northland's home of underfloor heating - come and experience it for yourself in our showroom with working underfloor heating in action. You can see the pipes in the floor as well as the manifold on display.

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