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Performance Plus
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Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd

Performance Plus

PerformancePlus hot water heat pumps are manufactured in New Zealand by Hot Water Heat Pumps Limited. Built to last, PerformancePlus hot water heat pumps are designed to stand the test of time in even the harshest of local environments.

Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of keeping your home warm. From whole house hydronic heating through to hot water heat pumps to power them, we can design and install a system that works for your home. We can also give you advice on a solar power solution to run your underfloor heating system. As Whangarei’s home heating specialists, we install underfloor heating systems that transform your home environment – just ask us!

A Performance Plus underfloor heat pump water heater uses electricity to operate. It use the 'free heat' which is extracted from the ambient air, upgraded with a compressor and then efficiently transferred to the underfloor water circuit. It works in a similar way to a fridge but in reverse.

The pump maintains a constant floor surface temperature of 22-26C by way of natural radiation and convection. It ensures that the pipe work distributes heat to the entire floor area, so there are no cold or hot spots.

Why Hydronic Floor Heating?

  • Freedom - with traditional forms of heating, temperature variations and draughts can occur, but the underfloor systems guarantees an even heat distribution.
  • Control - Separate controls for each zone can be installed to enable you to tailor the water flow for each area to suit an individual room or zone requirement day and night.
  • Health - Even heat distribution gives you a constant feeling of natural dry warmth from head to toe with no dusty air particles or toxic gas fumes in your environment. By heating the whole house, humidity levels are reduced lower the risk of health problems associated with high indoor humidity.
  • Cost effective - saves energy and running costs. If you dream of walking barefoot at home even in winter an underfloor heating system will fit the bill.

Hubands Energy are Northland's home of underfloor heating - come and experience it for yourself in our showroom with working underfloor heating in action. You can see the pipes in the floor as well as the manifold on display.

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