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Inverter Swimming Pool Hot Water Heat Pump
Categories: Swimming Pool


Inverter Swimming Pool Hot Water Heat Pump

Enjoy your pool all year round with a heated swimming pool

Oasis Inverter Heat Pumps reduce energy use through their variable speed function.

If you love your pool but find that winter stops you from getting the most out of it, then it’s time to talk to us about a heated swimming pool system. Even here in Northland it can get too cold to swim in winter, so it’s good to know that the heating experts at Hubands have a solution. Whether you’re planning a new pool or spa or want to upgrade your existing pool, our range of multipurpose hot water heat pumps can extend your swimming season. Heat your pool as well as your home and enjoy the fun, relaxation, and therapeutic benefits of your pool – all year-round.

Where a standard Heat Pump only has 1 speed, meaning it will always draw power at its maximum rate, an Oasis Inverter Heat Pump can dial its power consumption up or down based on the heat demand requirements of your pool. As your pool approaches its desired temperature your Oasis Inverter Heat Pump begins to taper its power consumption, resulting in lower running costs.

DC INVERTER TECHNOLOGY - Brushless DC increases performance and enables variable speed

VARIABLE SPEED COMPRESSOR - The Mitsubishi compressor provides up to 30% greater efficiency with a COP of up to 8

R32 REFRIGERANT - Recommended refrigerant, environmentally safe, non-ozone depleting

DIGITAL SCROLL TECHNOLOGY - Optimises output of the compressor

SOFT START - Increases the life span of all the associated components

TITANIUM SPIRAL HEAT EXCHANGER - Is more efficient than standard heat exchangers and comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion

COMMERCIAL GRADE COMPONENTS - Longer lasting components including ABS plastic casing, strong frame structure, rustproof & anti-corrosive

ELECTRONIC EXPANSION VALVE - Advanced EEV technology enables high energy gain returns.

Stay silent in your backyard - Oasis Inverter works very quietly thanks to a unique ventilation internal structure. The unit is fitted with a silent mode to make sure you meet your council's noise requirements and keep your neighbours happy.

Silent Mode - Running in Silent Mode the Oasis Inverters’ sound pressure levels 34.dB(A) — that’s quiet enough to take a nap by the pool.  Silent Mode adheres to local council noise requirements, keeping both you and your neighbours happy.  At high-speed operation, the sound pressure level is 42.9dB(A). That’s the noise equivalent of an average library.


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