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ThermoPlus Pool & Spa Hot Water Heat Pump
Categories: Swimming Pool

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd

ThermoPlus Pool & Spa Hot Water Heat Pump

Enjoy your pool all year round with a heated swimming pool

ThermoPlus Pool Heat Pumps are extremely cost-efficient. ThermoPlus Heat Pumps offer an excellent cost to quality ratio. You will enjoy your heated spa or pool with significant energy savings for years to come.

If you love your pool but find that winter stops you from getting the most out of it, then it’s time to talk to us about a heated swimming pool system. Even here in Northland it can get too cold to swim in winter, so it’s good to know that the heating experts at Hubands have a solution. Whether you’re planning a new pool or spa or want to upgrade your existing pool, our range of multipurpose hot water heat pumps can extend your swimming season. Heat your pool as well as your home and enjoy the fun, relaxation, and therapeutic benefits of your pool – all year-round.

• Flow switch activation 
• Quiet operation 
• Side discharge fan, makes installation easy 
• Highly efficient titanium heat exchanger 
• Digital display thermostat 
• ABS housing 
• Rubber feet

ABS PLASTIC CABINETS - ABS (Acrylonitrile - Butadiene - Styrene) Plastic Cabinets provide a balanced combination of mechanical toughness, wide temperature tolerance, good dimensional stability, chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties. Therefore, the cabinets will not rust, like many of the imported units with metal cabinets when installed in New Zealand's harsh climates.

Temperature control is by our specially designed electronic temperature controller which measures 0.1°C temperature rise in the pool reliably when the heat pump is on. 
• Accurate temperature control to 0.1°C 
• Diagnostic digital display 
• User-friendly operation 
• Quick and easy temperature adjustment 
• Constant display of water temperature when filtering

Experience the best in heat pump water heater technology.

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