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Smartvent Positive 2
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Smartvent Positive 2

Improve the air quality with a home ventilation system

A SmartVent Positive 2 system draws in fresher, drier air from either the roof cavity or outside with the optional second air source kit.

Create a healthier environment with home ventilation solutions from the team at Hubands. No more crying windows, damp rooms or allergens in the air! Well-ventilated homes are healthier because they remove damp, unclean air from your home making your indoor environment warmer, drier, and cleaner. Whether you’re planning a new build or renovation, we can talk you through our range of ventilation products to find the system that works for you.

Hubands Energy are proud to be Smartvent accredited installers.

Reduce Condensation

SmartVent Positive Pressure ventilation systems draw fresher, drier air into your home from either the roof cavity or outside. This air is then passed through a high efficiency filter and introduced into your home. This introduced air forces out the moist, stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew.

In with the good, out with the bad

This process positively pressurises your home, forcing out moist stale air through gaps in windows and doors or through special exhaust vents. Continually cycling your home with fresh, dry air removes air borne toxins, harmful pollutants, dust and dust mites.

Superior Filtration

Superior, medical grade F7 filtration traps up to 90% of pollens, dust and allergens. This filtered air is distributed into each room via unique acoustic insulated ducting, which reduces fan and airflow noise. Moist air is forced out around windows and doors, making your home drier, which makes it is easier to heat.

Intelligent Control System

Simply enter your preferred temperature range into the SmartVent controller, then sit back and enjoy your healthier home. With the ability to sense the temperature of the air that is introduced into the home, SmartVent will automatically select the best air intake option for your home.

All-seasons Ventilation Solution

Drawing air from the roof cavity, outside or even from your lounge in Heat Transfer mode (if installed), SmartVent will choose the warmest air in winter and the coolest air in summer providing a complete year round ventilation solution.


Future Proofed Upgrades

SmartVent Positive is fully future-proofed so any of our upgrades can be added simply and easily into your existing system.

Intelligent Controller

The smartest component of the system is the stylish SmartVent controller. Choose a colour touch screen or an LCD display digital controller. The easy to use, fully automated controllers work to maintain your comfort. All you need to do is enter your preferred temperature levels and SmartVent will do the rest.

Superior Multi-speed Fans

High-quality multi-speed fans for optimum airflow ventilation in the home that cost as little as 20c per day* to run. *Based on a 30c per kW/hr electricity cost and subject to consumer settings and fan speed selected.

Medical-grade Filtration

The high quality F7 filter captures 80 – 90% of 0.4 micron particles including dust, pollens, allergens and mould spores.

Whisper Quiet Running

The unique acoustic insulated ducting used in all SmartVent Positive systems ensures ‘whisper quiet’ air transfer and better air temperature retention.

Low Profile Diffusers

Stylish flat diffusers inset in your ceiling for an unobtrusive look are fully adjustable for balanced airflow into each room.



Heat Transfer Kit – distribute the heat

The heat transfer upgrade makes better use of your heating in winter. In this mode excess heat from the heat source room is transferred to other rooms in your home.

Summer Feature – extra ventilation

A summer feature is highly recommended for superior ventilation during the hot summer months. Hot, muggy evenings will no longer keep you awake as cooler fresher air is continuously distributed around your home.

Tempering Heater inline warmth

By using a tempering heater you can increase the warmth to take the chill off cooler incoming air in winter.

Extension Kit – adding more outlets

A SmartVent extension kit gives you the flexibility to add additional outlet/s to your SmartVent system. By adding additional outlets to your system you are simply dividing the available air amongst more rooms.

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