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Lithium 9.0
Categories: Solar, Battery Storage


Lithium 9.0

SHL48v 9.0 is a new modular lithium-ion based energy storage system, which stores the surplus of the collected solar energy for later use.

With the Sonnenschein@Home Lithium 9.0, energy can either be directed into the storage system or be fed into your house or the public grid via an inverter.
Energy is available as required: in the evening, at night, or on a cloudy day.
With the SHL48v 9.0 System, consumers of solar power become more independent from electricity prices and use their
home-made eco-electricity when they need it.

The SHL48v 9.0 integrates high performance lithium-ion (NMC) cells with an advanced battery management system (BMS) specifically for home energy storage – carefully matched to function with Selectronic SP Pro Inverter system.
The SHL48v 9.0 stands out from other lithium-ion options thanks to its high power output, with a single battery capable of supporting a massive 7.5kW inverter and up to 12 units can be paralleled together .

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