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Fresh Air Balanced Heat Recovery Ventilation System
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Fresh Air Balanced Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Improve the air quality with a home ventilation system

The most energy efficient way to ventilate your home.

Create a healthier environment with home ventilation solutions from the team at Hubands. No more crying windows, damp rooms or allergens in the air! Well-ventilated homes are healthier because they remove damp, unclean air from your home making your indoor environment warmer, drier, and cleaner. Whether you’re planning a new build or renovation, we can talk you through our range of ventilation products to find the system that works for you.

The Building Code requires new and renovated homes to be energy-efficient. Living spaces are sealed from the effects of outdoor weather, almost as air-tight as a plastic bag. In Winter, people spend the majority of time indoors, and with windows and doors tightly shut for energy efficiency and security, pollutants that result from normal daily living accumulate to unhealthy levels

From 1982, we have continuously manufactured Genuine Heat Recovery Ventilators. Since producing the first (NZ) genuine home HRV, CLEANAIRE HRV has perfected the "Crossflow" Heat Exchanger, to suit the New Zealand climate.

The CLEANAIRE HRV provides continuous balanced outdoor air "trickle ventilation", to dilute excessive moisture and indoor contaminants, so the indoor environment is fresh, dry and healthy. When installed as per our plan & instructions, the CLEANAIRE HRV complies with NZ Standard 4303:1990 "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality" which calls for continuous ventilation at a rate of 0.35 ACH (Air Changes per Hour) - equivalent to one complete air change every 3 hours.

Heatex (Sweden) Aluminium Air to Air Heat Exchanger is Eurovent Certified. The “Heatex” was first designed for Avon, for NZ conditions, in 1982. We provide an unconditional 12 Year Warranty on the Heatex Heat Exchanger.


Depending on model and conditions, the CLEANAIRE can recover up to 80-95% of waste heat, and save up to 15 times the energy it consumes.


The greater the temperature difference (indoors warmer - outdoors colder), the better the CLEANAIRE HRV will dehumidify the indoor environment - no sunshine or warm roof space required. 

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