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The Atlantic Explorer 270lt hot water heat pump offers up to 75% energy savings, wide heat pump temperature range of use, ACI hybrid anti corrosion control and remote piloting with Cozytouch technology.

Northland’s hot water heat pump specialists

If you’re building a new home, renovating your current home, or are ready to replace your old hot water cylinder, we supply, install and repair hot water heat pumps to homes and businesses all over Whangarei. From space saving, outdoor hot water heat pumps to split-type hot water heat pumps which can reduce your power bill, you’ll find your ideal water heating solution here. We’re Northland’s specialists in heating and can advise you on the system that works best for your lifestyle and budget.

Atlantic Explorer - To provide you with the best all-weather solution, Atlantic presents its up-to-date heat pump water heater Explorer. This productive and cost-effective solution to produce domestic hot water uses renewable, clean and free calories contained in ambient air. It is an ideal energy source to heat water, performing even in nighttime conditions, as well as in hail or rain.

  • Up to 75% energy savings compared to standard electric hot water cylinders
  • Wide heat pump temperature range of use (-5 to +43°C)
  • ACI hybrid anti-corrosion protection
  • Smart energy consumption control


  • The heat pump water heater uses the operational principle of a heat pump, by absorbing calories in outdoor air and using this energy to ensure water heating.
  • The fan inhales ambient air transferring its energy to the refrigerant gas. This gas is steadily heated by compression, and transforms into fluid. In the condenser, the fluid transfers its accumulated heat to water in the tank. As the fluid gets colder, its transforms back into gas through the expansion valve 5. The electric back-up heating 6 starts only when required during insufficient heat pump working conditions.


  • Maximum protection of the tank: The Anti-Corrosion Integrated system (ACI hybrid) provides maximum protection to the tank. The titanium anode located at the center of the appliance is driven by an electronic PCB board that produces a milivoltage electric current, providing the tank with lifetime protection, replacing magnesium anode.
  • State-of-the-art technology for the best long-lasting service: Thanks to Steatite technology and its ceramic heating element, Explorer is well adapted to aggressive, highly mineralised and desalinated water. Ceramic heating element is protected by an enamelled steel sleeve, which grants a large heat exchange surface and reduces scale deposits and heating noise. Therefore, Steatite technology ensures the heating element’s and tank’s prolonged lifecycle.


  • With Explorer’s new innovative smart functions, you can combine your lifestyle with daily energy savings!
  • Smart Control: Due to Smart Control, Explorer perfectly integrates into your life, learning your habits from one week to another and memorizing them, to provide you with everyday comfort anticipating your needs, along with energy savings optimization.


  • Efficiency: Explorer benefits from the best Atlantic patented technologies to offer the most reliable water heating solution, combining the highest tank protection and heat pump performance, with its wide temperature range of use (-5 to +43°C).
  • User-Friendliness: Easy to install thanks to adjustable air inlet and outlet, Explorer is a silent and user-friendly solution with its intuitive control panel and different operating modes.
  • Energy savings: As a renewable energy solution, Explorer is a real energy-saving device. It allows up to 75% of energy savings*, thanks to its heat pump operation principle, innovative functions and compatibility with solar (photovoltaic or solar panel) and boiler system (built-in coil).
  • Intuitive control panel: Built-in programming function allows adjusting energy consumption to daily needs, as well as different modes selection and solar or boiler support activation. High visibility display shows everyday energy consumption in curves, for better energy savings and easier control.


  • Photovoltaic compatibility
  • Smart Grid Ready
  • Adjustable air inlet/outlet

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