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EcoCore Series
Categories: Heat Pump, Hi-wall

Mitsubishi Electric

EcoCore Series

The Super Efficient GL Series sets a new standard in super energy efficient heating.

The Super Efficient GL EcoCore High Wall Heat Pump Range sets a new standard in super energy efficient heating. Next generation EcoCore Technology is designed to use less power than ever before. Unrivalled for quietness, they are ideal where it matters most - in living rooms and bedrooms.

Hubands Energy are accredited installers for Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps. In addition to the 5 year warranty on this range, we also offer a 5 year installation warranty so you can be sure you are getting the right product installed by an expert team with peace of mind for years to come. This covers all workmanship relating to the installation including refrigeration replacement for the entire warranty period which costs between $350-$600.

New Zealand’s Quietest Heat Pumps

Starting from barely a whisper, Mitsubishi GL Series allows you to feel the warmth, not hear it. The GL25 indoor unit starts from a hushed 19dBA on their lowest fan speed, making them New Zealand's quietest heat pump ever!

Energy Star

With cutting-edge inverter technology and the development of a high performance heat exchanger, this GL Series has earned the Energy Star® mark. Mitsubishi i-save and Econo Cool modes are included on all GL models. i-save mode allows you to save temperature and fan speed combinations, returning to these at the touch of a button and Econo Cool provides maximum energy efficiency in cooling mode.

R32 Refrigerant

R32 is a refrigerant with just one-third the global warming potential of R410A and has zero ozone depletion potential. R32 offers increased energy efficiency, and is said to be the next generation of refrigerants

Low Stand By Power

Boasting 1W standby power, a reduction of around 90% on previous standby power consumption

Blue Fin Condenser

The heat exchanger of the outdoor has been treated with blue fin anti-corrosion treatment slowing the corrosion process caused by salt, sulphur etc in the air especially in coastal/high sulphur areas.

7-Day Programmable Hand Held Controller

Advanced infrared controller allowing the programming of up to four settings (per 24 hour period) including start/stop operation and temperature settings over a 7 day period. This eliminates the need to reset the timer daily. You can program your heat pump to start up before you wake or return home and regulate your energy usage without compromising on comfort.

Optional Wi-Fi Control Upgrade

With the addition of award winning Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control, you can control and monitor your heat pump from absolutely anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or online account.


Heating & Efficiency

Model Number Heating capacity Heating efficiency Cooling capacity Cooling efficiency
MSZ-GL25VGD 3.2kw COP 4.83 2.5kw EER 5.14
MSZ-GL35VGD 3.7kw COP 4.59 3.5kw EER 4.11
MSZ-GL42VGD 5.4kw COP 3.88 4.2kw EER 3.64
MSZ-GL50VGD 5.8kw COP 4.19 4.8kw EER 4.32
MSZ-GL60VGD 6.8kw COP 4.13 6.0kw EER 3.83
MSZ-GL71VGD 8.0kw COP 3.9 7.1kw EER 3.59
MSZ-GL80VGD 9.0kw COP 3.62 7.8kw EER 3.34
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