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Developer Series High Wall Heat Pump
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Developer Series High Wall Heat Pump

The Developer Series Standard reverse cycle inverter Single-Split heat pumps are a low-cost no-frills unit that is perfect for your home or rental.

INVERTER Control - Panasonic Inverter air conditioners have the flexibility to vary the rotation speed of the compressor. This allows it to use less energy to maintain the set temperature while also being able to cool and heat the room quicker at startup. So you can enjoy better savings on your electricity bills while maintaining cooling and heating the room quicker at startup.

Inverter Advantages

1. Energy savings

2. Constant comfort

3. Quick comfort

Anti-Bacterial Filter - The Anti-Bacterial Filter combines three effects in one: anti-allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacterial protection to provide clean air.

Versatile warming and cooling - Our Heat Pumps units are able to perform their heating function between environmental temperatures of -15° to 24°C.


1. Absence Detection - reduces cooling and heating when no one is around.

2. Sunlight Detection - Adjusts cooling and heating power to changes in sunlight intensity.

3. Temperature Wave - Rhythmic temperature-controlled pattern to save energy without sacrificing comfort.

4. Area Search - Directs airflow to wherever you are in the room.

5. Activity Detection - Adapts cooling and heating power to your daily activities.

Panasonic Heat Pumps are versatile. Perfectly designed to suit New Zealand’s unpredictable weather - Heating: Providing outstanding cold climate performance, our Heat Pumps are capable of heating even when the temperature outside is below freezing. In fact, our units are able to perform their heating function between environmental temperatures of -15° to 24°C.  Cooling: Cooling is possible from a wide range of temperatures also. Between environmental temperatures of 5° and 46°C Panasonic Heat Pumps can cool the air to your desired temperature with ease.

A change for sustainability - One of Panasonic’s principles has always been to sustain the environment around us. Therefore, we use the more ozone-friendly refrigerant R32 for this new product. It is especially suitable for use in air conditioning and results in better energy efficiency.

Luxurious levels of comfort - Experience the ultimate in comfort. No matter what the weather is doing outside, your Panasonic Heat Pump will have your home feeling cozy and warm to the exact temperature you prefer. Make your home your oasis from the grey, cold, wet days with a Panasonic Heat Pump; you won’t ever want to leave.

Comfort meets efficiency - ECONAVI and INVERTER work together to create the perfect match of energy saving, keeping the air conditioning in your home more efficient and comfortable throughout the day and night.


Exclusive Hubands Energy Installation Warranty

Hubands Energy are qualified installers for Panasonic. In addition to the 5-year warranty on this range, we also offer a 5-year installation warranty so you can be sure you are getting the right product installed by an expert team with peace of mind for years to come. This covers all workmanship relating to the installation including refrigeration replacement for the entire warranty period which costs between $350-$600.

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