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Deluxe E Series
Categories: Heat Pump, Hi-wall


Deluxe E Series

Choose a Panasonic ECONAVI Reverse Cycle inverter air conditioner to stay cool during summer and warm during winter - now featuring a stylish new design, nanoe-G Air Purifying System and advanced ECONAVI technology - the ultimate in energy saving performance.

ECONAVI Technology Reduces Wasted Energy - ECONAVI is a Panasonic initiative which continues our core belief that going green shouldn't compromise your comfortable lifestyle. By applying high precision sensors and control programme technologies, ECONAVI is able to optimise your Air Conditioner operation according to room conditions.

Panasonic Air Conditioners now come with a new air purifying system called nanoe-G whihc utilises nan technology fine particles consisting of ions and radicals to purify the air in the room. It works effectively on airborne and surface based micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould, thus ensuring a cleaner living environment.

Hubands Energy are accredited installers for Panasonic Heat Pumps. In addition to the 5 year warranty on this range, we also offer a 5 year installation warranty so you can be sure you are getting the right product installed by an expert team with peace of mind for years to come. This covers all workmanship relating to the installation including refrigeration replacement for the entire warranty period which costs between $350-$600.

Heating & Efficiency

Model Number Heating capacity Heating efficiency Cooling capacity Cooling efficiency
CS-E7PKR 2.8kw COP4.52 2.0kw EER 4.46
CS-E9PKR 3.6kw COP 4.8 2.6kw EER 4.73
CS-E12PKR 4.9kw COP 4.02 3.50kw EER 4.22
CS-E15PKR 5.50kw COP 3.74 4.4kw EER 3.67
CS-E18PKR 6.35kw COP 3.76 5.00kw EER 3.85
CS-E21PKR 7.2kw COP 3.64 6.3kw EER 3.5
CS-E24PKR 8.0kw COP 3.62 7.0kw EER 3.32
CS-E28PKR 9.0kw COP 3.42 8.0kw EER 3.35
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