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Improve the air quality with a home ventilation system

SmartVent Balance is a very energy efficient ventilation system which uses the heat of extracted air to simultaneously temper incoming air from outside of the roof cavity.

Create a healthier environment with home ventilation solutions from the team at Hubands. No more crying windows, damp rooms or allergens in the air! Well-ventilated homes are healthier because they remove damp, unclean air from your home making your indoor environment warmer, drier, and cleaner. Whether you’re planning a new build or renovation, we can talk you through our range of ventilation products to find the system that works for you.

A SmartVent Balance system monitors temperature conditions to ensure clean, fresh air is always circulating as and when needed around the home.

Functions Functions

Energy efficient ventilation with extracted warm air used to heat incoming clean air

Suitable Suitable

New and renovated homes

Rooms Rooms

3-4 supply outlet/1-2 extract standard, extend to 4-6 supply outlet/2-3 extract

Add-ons Add-ons

+ Flexibility

(Additional roof cavity air sourcing)

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