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Experience cooling comfort inspired by nature with Panasonic AERO Series Air Conditioner.

ECONAVI sensors and INVERTER technology work together to moderate the temperature according to room usage. By adapting the way you live and optimising operations, this unique feature makes the air conditioning in your home more energy efficeitn and keeps you comfortable through the day and night.

Panasonic's new AEROWINGS feature incorportaes two independant blades that concentrate airflow to cool you down in the shortest possible time. This also helps distribute cool air evenly throughout the room.

AEROWINGS (Direct Cooling & Indirect Cooling), Inverter, Econavi, iAUTO-X, nanoe-G, R410A Refrigerant, 5-Star Energy Rating

Panasonic Heat Pumps are versatile. Perfectly designed to suit New Zealand’s unpredictable weather.

Heating: Providing outstanding cold climate performance, our Heat Pumps are capable of heating even when the temperature outside is below freezing. In fact, our units are able to perform their heating function between environmental temperatures of -15° to 24°C.

Cooling: Cooling is possible from a wide range of temperatures also. Between environmental temperatures of 5° and 46°C Panasonic Heat Pumps can cool the air to your desired temperature with ease.

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