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2kW Wind Turbine


2kW Wind Turbine

The Thinair 102 wind turbine is the flagship development of Powerhouse Wind, and is designed to be a component of an off-grid renewable energy system or mini-grid. It’s particularly compatible with solar panels as it is will generate power at night and during shorter cloudy winter days. 

The most obvious distinguishing feature of the Thinair turbine is that it only has one blade. This innovative and patented single blade is key to the unique benefits of the Thinair 102, and offers unparalleled advantages.

Traditionally wind turbines have been constructed with multiple blades all attached to a fixed central hub. The Thinair turbine, by contrast, has a freely teetering hub design that allows the blade’s angle to change in response to variations in wind speed. As a result, the Thinair maximises efficient use of strong and gusty wind by harnessing it to generate extra energy.

The teetering hub also protects the turbine from damaging stress, allowing the blade to swing into a safe horizontal park position in extreme wind conditions. This approach also creates less noise than the traditional angling of the rotor to the wind method used by most upwind machines.

QUIET - Most wind turbine noise comes from the blade’s tip and trailing edge. With only one blade, and running at a similar tip speed, noise is significantly reduced compared to a standard two or three-blade turbine. The single blade delivers significantly quieter operation without sacrificing generation capacity. 

LONGEVITY - In strong and gusty winds, the unique teetering hub allows the blade to respond to gusts, limiting stress on the turbine. If the wind becomes too strong, The Thinair 102 will shut itself down, with the blade fully teetered to protect itself. 

ENERGY CAPTURE - The angle of the blade is used to determine changes in wind speed and so maximise energy capture from gusts. The rotor can also be made lighter than comparative machines, which allows the turbine to be more responsive to strong turbulent wind. 

ELEGANT - The Thinair 102 will be a design enhancement to your home. Part of the look of the turbine is the integrated fairing around the tower, protecting the blade from downwind turbulence and fatigue. Elegant and attractive, this wind turbine is a product that you will aspire to own.

EASY TO OWN - Thinair’s integrated electronic and mechanical systems ensure completely automated and hands-free operation, during both normal and extreme wind events. Inbuilt reporting of performance allows you to monitor the turbine.

DOMESTIC SCALE - Thinair 102 is designed to deliver from 3250 to 5200kWh per year on sites with average wind speeds of 5 to 6m/s. This will power all or most of the energy requirements of a well-designed house. A successful installation will require a site of at least 0.4 hectares (1 acre). 

ECONOMICAL - Because of its simple design and one bladed rotor (blade costs are a significant factor in the overall cost of any turbine), the initial cost of ownership will be less compared to other similar specification turbines.


Wind turbines commonly have three blades that rotate around a central hub on a horizontal axis. Powerhouse Wind has applied innovative technology to the revolutionary new design of its Thinair Wind Turbine.

Built using only one blade instead of three, the noise generated by the Thinair wind turbine is dramatically less than its multiblade counterparts. The simple design of the Thinair turbine has reduced the level of componentry, compared to other similar turbines, reducing the cost and allowing a more competitive purchase price.

The ThinAir wind turbine has been carefully designed to be the perfect balance of energy generation, cost and fatigue life.

A Thinair turbine on a good wind site is a great complement to PV in New Zealand conditions. It is far less seasonal than PV, will run 24 hours per day if the wind is blowing, and turns a grey windy day into another energy generation opportunity. Our windswept New Zealand countryside is known for being one of the best locations in the world for wind power.

Wind Power is perfect for an off-grid system and is also possible as a grid connect solution. Wind power is intermittent and must be replaced by other sources of power during periods of low wind.

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