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285W Solar Panels

Canadian Solar

285W Solar Panels

Hubands Energy are proud to provide Canadian Solar Panels. Committed to providing high quality solar products, Canadian Solar design, manufacture and distribute solar system solutions to customers in 90 countries. One of the top three largest solar companies in the world, Canadian Solar have shipped more than 22GW worth of solar modules since 2001. At Hubands Energy we only supply the best products and we believe Canadian Solar Panels are a great fit for Northland. 

Canadian Solar employs over 8,900 people across 24 countries, and with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada and Vietnam, Canadian Solar is one of the most bankable solar companies worldwide.

Designed with Canadian Solar’s industry leading poly-PERC cell technology and the innovative LIC (Low Internal Current) technology, the Canadian Solar 285W KuPower modules boast efficiencies of up to 18.11%.

This is a popular panel choice due to its high performance and cost efficiency. 

More Power

Canadian Solar’s KuPower panel utilises split cell technology, meaning that the individual cells that make up the module are half the size of normal cells found on standard panels.

The smaller the cells the less resistance, meaning power can flow better in the module. This means internal power loss is reduced by 75%, and overall module output power improved by 4%.

This allows KuPower modules to offer higher power classes for equivalent module sizes.

Higher Yield

The utilisation of split cells also means the temperature coefficient of the new KuPower module is reduced by 0.02% down to 0.39%/degC. A solar panel’s temperature coefficient refers to how much the power output of the solar panel will decrease due to increases in temperature.

As a standard, the average temperature coefficient of both poly and monocrystalline panels hovers around 0.5%/degC. This means a solar panel will lose 0.5% percent of its power for every degree the temperature rises.

Beating the industry standard with 0.39%/degC, the KuPower module loses just 0.39% percent of its power for every degree the temperature rises, increasing power output by 0.8%.

Producing higher yields at higher temperatures increases your ROI, and makes KuPower panels an ideal choice for Australian conditions.

Better Performance in Shade

As previously mentioned, KuPower panels are designed with Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology. Helping to improve the efficiency of panels, PERC technology allows electrons to flow more freely and increases the reflectiveness of the back of solar cells. 

Due to PERC technology, KuPower panels perform batter in shaded areas than competing panels. In fact, if a KuPower panel is exposed to up to 50% shading, they will maintain 50% power output, while a conventional panel would have 0% output.

Unavoidable shading on your solar PV system can have huge impact on production. By choosing a panel that utilises PERC technology like Canadian Solar’s KuPower module, you’re effectively safeguarding your investment.

Higher Reliability

Thanks to split cell technology, dual cell damage impact area in KuPower panels is reduced by up to 50%, meaning KuPower modules have a 50% lower micro-crack risk than competing panels.

Thermo-mechanical stress on interconnects and cell soldering joints have also decreased by 50% due to shorter cell lengths, marking a significant improvement in failure redundancy.


The Canadian Solar KuPower 285W Split Cell Panel is covered by a 25-year linear power output warranty, and a 10-year product warranty on materials and workmanship. In addition to this Hubands Energy offer an exclusive 10 year installation warranty. 

The latest in photovoltaic technology, Canadian Solar’s KuPower 285W Split Cell Panel is a great choice for solar installations in Northland thanks to its low temperature coefficient, PERC technology, and high reliability.

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