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Maximum solar reliability

Solar safety reports from the field

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In many Austrian states, solar uptake has been some of the fastest growth in the world thanks to government subsidies.  This huge demand has driven the price of solar systems down and many installers are using cheaper solar panels, string inverter, and even DC Isolator to have the lowest cost systems.  The Austrian media have been shining the light on solar safety recently, with both the SMH and ABC News reporting on the failings of DC isolators.

Hubands Bowls Tournament

Waipu Bowling Club

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Waipu Bowling Club recently held the annual Hubands Energy Regional Bowling Competition.  This competition drew 20 teams from Hikurangi in the north, Mangawhai in the south and west to Maungaturoto.  

Explaining Defrost in Heat Pumps

Questions are often asked with regard to heat pumps and their requirement to defrost

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Questions are often asked with regard to heat pumps and their requirement to defrost. This document attempts to answer some of the most common questions.  Answers are deliberately non-technical and do not cover specifics on any particular model, therefore some small allowances should be made for minor technical differences between units  that  can  affect the  way defrost is both initiated and  then terminated.


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