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Maximum solar reliability

Solar safety reports from the field

In many Austrian states, solar uptake has been some of the fastest growth in the world thanks to government subsidies.  This huge demand has driven the price of solar systems down and many installers are using cheaper solar panels, string inverter, and even DC Isolator to have the lowest cost systems.   

The Austrian media have been shining the light on solar safety recently, with both the SMH and ABC News reporting on the failings of DC isolators.

These reports are a great opportunity for us to reach out and reinforce the superior safety of an all-AC Enphase microinverter system versus its high-voltage DC single-string inverter counterpart. Zero high-voltage DC means no DC isolators or DC arc-fault fires.  Higher DC voltages also accelerate potential induced degradation, reducing the overall system lifespan.

Check out this Enphase Video about the differences between string inverters and microinverters to see why we are so passionate about them.

Maximum reliability – reports from the field

We love a good success story, so here are a few we have picked up from the field that showcase just how reliable Enphase microinverters can be in even the harshest environmental conditions.

Extreme heat

  • In January 2020, Greater Western City experienced a heatwave that broke temperature records. 
  • As per the data below, despite one of the hottest temperatures ever recorded, this Penrith system worked seamlessly.
  • Fully resilient up to 65C ambient temperature and 85C internal operating temperature, Enphase micros can take just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them. 
  • For more download our High Ambient Temperatures Tech Brief.

Heat Performance

Hail damage

  • On Saturday, 31 October last year, South-East Queensland got smashed by a severe hailstorm.
  • An Enphase Solar homeowner in Ipswich reached out to note how impressed he was with the way his system held up in the extreme weather event.
  • Prior to the damage, his system produced approximately 6kW on a good solar day.
  • Post significant damage, the system output was still around 4kW.
  • Considering most of the DC systems in the area had to be isolated, this was one happy solar customer.



If you are looking to get a solar system then talk to us now about the safest and most reliable system on the market.  After all, this is a power station on your roof so put safety family first and do it right the first time.

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