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Hi Hubands team - thanks for the install today, leading up to it getting it booked and paid for was awesome (thanks Natasha) and the install team today were great....warm and toasty tonight and keeping it local.

Andrea Spike McIntosh.



"Going solar is both a huge decision and huge investment, made more complex by the array of providers, options and stories around solar.  For us, it was essential to go to someone, preferably local but known to be reliable and trustworthy.  Time and time agin Hubands name came up, and also brought back memories of good personal dealings with Hubands many years ago.  So we made contact with Hubands and were rewarded with a personal visit from a very knowledgeable technician who didn’t go “hard sell” but appraised our situation, listened, gave good advice and left us to quietly and safely consider the next step.  he did however follow up with a phone call and e-mail, providing further advice.  We made our decision to go with the product he recommended although more expensive than options from  other companies.  We did however know we were getting quality and not just buying a product but entering into a relationship with a company that would continue to support us.  This process and the trust generated has been a good one for us"  AND

The man I refer to above is Cameron Sangster.  He connected well, didn’t push, worked hard to provide information that we wanted, followed up in a way that did not feel pressured and was also genuinely good man to deal with.  Hubands can be proud to have Cameron carry your name and represent you 

Chris Farelly



“Great staff at Huband's, I first noticed them when I was doing an extension to a friends house, the young man from Huband's arrived to do a heat pump service which was done really close to where I was working, I was able to see just how thorough the young man was in his work, I chose Huband's to install a Heat pump at my place because of what I had seen that day, since then I have dealt with several staff members and all have been super friendly and helpful. Donny has been to our place twice, very polite, efficient and helpful. Excellent phone service and advice from Travis, Kathy and Natalie. I wasn't there when the 2 guys that uninstalled the old unit arrived but they were very thorough and did a neat and tidy job”

Tony Baldwin



"So happy to have our heat pumps installed now in our new home! Donny did an awesome job installing them. Tidy as. We had a hiccup with the big unit but you guys fixed that super quick! Hope I remember right but I think his name was Steve who came to fix it? All working well now thanks!" 

River Greaves




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